“Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux”: Nina Simone (A Single Woman, 1993) interpreta Aragon

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Nina Simone – A Single Woman (1993)

a single woman

Of all the major singers of the late 20th century, Nina Simone was one of the hardest to classify. She recorded extensively in the soul, jazz, and pop idioms, often over the course of the same album; she was also comfortable with blues, gospel, and Broadway. It’s perhaps most accurate to label her as a “soul” singer in terms of emotion, rather than form. Like, say, Aretha Franklin, or Dusty Springfield, Simone was an eclectic who brought soulful qualities to whatever material she interpreted. These qualities were among her strongest virtues; paradoxically, they also may have kept her from attaining a truly mass audience. The same could be said of her stage persona; admired for her forthright honesty and individualism, she was also known for feisty feuding with audiences and promoters alike… by Richie Unterberger (

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Nina Simone – Il n'y a pas d\'amour heureux

Rien n’est jamais acquis à  l’homme. Ni sa force
Ni sa faiblesse ni son coeur. Et quand il croit
Ouvrir ses bras son ombre est celle d’une croix
Et quand il croit serrer son bonheur il le broie
Sa vie est un étrange et douloureux divorce

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Sa vie elle ressemble à  ces soldats sans armes
Qu’on avait habillés pour un autre destin
A quoi peut leur servir de se lever  matin
Eux qu’on retrouve au soir désarmés incertains
Dites ces mots ma vie et retenez vos larmes

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Mon bel amour mon cher amour ma déchirure
Je te porte dans moi comme un oiseau blessé
Et ceux-là   sans savoir nous regardent passer
Répétant après moi les mots que j’ai tressés
Et qui pour tes grands yeux tout aussitôt moururent

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Le temps d’apprendre à   vivre il est déjà   trop tard
Que pleurent dans la nuit nos coeurs à l’unisson
Ce qu’il faut de malheur pour la moindre chanson
Ce qu’il faut de regrets pour payer un frisson
Ce qu’il faut de sanglots pour un air de guitare

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Il n’y a pas d’amour qui ne soit à douleur
Il n’y a pas d’amour dont on ne soit meurtri
Il n’y a pas d’amour dont on ne soit flétri
Et pas plus que de toi l’amour de la patrie
Il n’y a pas d’amour qui ne vive de pleurs

Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux

Mais c’est notre amour à tous deux

L. Aragon.1

Louis Aragon

*** *** ***

[…]Combining Bachian counterpoint, the improvisational approach of jazz and the modulations of the blues, her talent could no longer be ignored. Other characteristics of the Simone art are: her original timing, the way she uses silence as a musical element and her often understated live act, sitting at the piano and advancing the mood and climate of her songs by a few chords.

Sometimes her voice changes from dark and raw to soft and sweet. She pauses, shouts, repeats, whispers and moans. Sometimes piano, voice and gestures seem to be separate elements, then, at once, they meet. Add to this all the way she puts her spell on an audience, and you have some of the elements that make Nina Simone into a unique artist.

[…]She uses her voice with its remarkable timbre and her careful piano playing as means to achieve her artistic aim: to express love, hate, sorrow, joy, loneliness – the whole range of human emotions – through music, in a direct way.

One moment, she is the actress who turns a Kurt Weill-Bertold Brecht song as Pirate Jenny into great theater, then, after a set of protest songs, she will sing Jacques Brel’s fragile love song Ne Me Quitte Pas in French. […] by Roger Nupie, President “International Dr. Nina Simone Fan Club” (

Walkin on broken glass - le passant qui passe

Walkin on broken glass – le passant qui passe (


1. A Single Woman
2. Lonesome Cities
3. If I Should Lose You
4. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
5. Love’s Been Good To Me
6. Papa, Can You Hear Me
7. Il N’y A Pas D’amour Heureux
8. Just Say I Love Him
9. The More I See You
10. Marry Me

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